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Daring Designer - 001

Howdy Howdy :)

That's usually my go-to hello to all, new and old friends. So howdy howdy and welcome! I'm excited to start this little series that I am calling "Daring Designer". It may or may not change but I kinda like it as it bodies both my love for being outside and adventuring and my love for design and being creative.

You can expect these little posts to give some insight to my life but also it's kind of a cathartic way for me to look back on in the future, it's beneficial mainly to me but we will see where it goes! God always has a funny way of using things you never expected would go anywhere.

I am drawing inspiration from Jacey West's weekly news letter where, and she said it best,

Each week, I'll send you a collection of ten heartfelt and thought-provoking musings that celebrate the joys of both venturing into the world and finding solace in the comfort of home.

So thank you Jacey for this great idea and I look forward to what it brings to myself and my well being!


1. Both photos seen so far are from my last trip to Colorado where I got to visit my husband, Tyler, while he was stationed in Pueblo for some pilot training stuff. The past few days I have been yearning to go just about anywhere except Oklahoma and am also reaching for warmer days, anyone else?? It's currently 12 degrees Fahrenheit with a feel like of -2 degrees. I am wanting summer back, I know it's not just me.

2. Applying to jobs left and right is exhausting and can feel a little invalidating. Applying to job I think I have a good chance at but then hear radio silence for weeks on end is hard. I was thankful I didn't have to do it right out the gate of graduating but it's hitting me hard now. It's a tough part about being a military spouse but I am thankful for friends who lift me up and remind me that my worth is not in a job as a designer but instead is in Christ and what I create. My lack of job should not define me as much as I am letting it. So thank you Celine and Anna for your kinda and uplifting words through this application process.

3. I am a book lover, and this evening I finished Better Than The Movies by Lynn Paitner. It was the cutest book and anybody who is a fan of rom coms would love this book. I am sucker for cute romance stories and love the tropes that go along with it. I used to call it my guilty pleasure but heck that, I am openly proud about loving these romance and fantasy books! Nothing wrong with it!

4. I continually try to learn things and this year I am diving into new habits to help me along in this endeavor. I am using an app called everyday that is aesthetically pleasing to track my goals and tap when finished. I limit myself to three goals at a time in my personal life so that I don't get overwhelmed - my current three goals are walking my dogs everyday, sketching each evening, and sewing each night! Two of the three have been going great... I will let you guys which two... 👀

5. This Christmas I got a 40oz Owala water bottle from my lovely grandparents. I was a loyal hydroflask user for 6 years but decided to try out an Owala and I am obsessed... I have the camo cool color and it matches all my devices, house, and the overall color theme of my life. I love the free-sip design and sleek bottle as well as the flip top with the integrated handle. Tis a beauty!

6. Can we talk about Spotify's day list?? I love seeing others post them on insta and learning what they like to listen to. Music is such a neat way to connect with others and I like being in the know for what people listen to... Here is a snap shot of what mine is this evening.

7. Do you do "word of the year"? I saw a few friends on insta do this and was inclined to do it for myself this year. At first I chose "growth" as my word of the year but am leaning towards the word "content" to guide. I am always in the head space of comparison and what I "need" as a consumer. This year I would love to remove myself from that thought process and focus on what is important to me instead of how to impress others.

8. Something I want to do more of this year is disconnecting from devices and reading instead! As stated before I am a big rom com and fantasy girly with a bit of mystery thrown in. I will take any and all book suggestions so please send them my way! 📚

9. I think I need to make each numbered note shorter... something to work on for the next Daring Designer post :) I'll shoot for one to three sentences, I just love to word vomit when I can!

10. Besides these being to long for each point, I am excited to start this and see how they progress through the upcoming weeks and year. I love getting to look book on things, see how I have evolved and grown and this is a terrific outlet for just that. Maybe give it a shot yourself in a journal or post it on insta?? Tag me if you do 👀

Chat soon,
Kaity Faith :)

POV: You're a Kaity writing her first daring designer post @ 9:37 p.m.


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Ashleigh Matos
Ashleigh Matos
Jan 17

How cute are you! Thanks for posting <3

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