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full portfolio!

whether you are a pal, an onlooker, or even a hiring manger (hi!), take a look at my full PDF portfolio - if you have any questions or comments please reach out. I would love to chat!

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Film Poster

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kaity faith branding

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social media illustration

Monthly, I create illustrations for the Oklahoma State University Libraries Social Media Channels. Each month on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter you can find the banners too change based on what I create. The goal of each banner is to add life to each social channel through happy colors, textures, and compliment the library through different forms of imagery.

Category: Illustration, Social Media Work

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children's book

"Milo In the Middle" is my first published children's book that helps Middle Children learn that they are still loved regardless of the overlook that they may receive from time to time. This story is told from Milo's point of view and with in his family of Australian Shepherds. Seen in bright colors, happy animals, and the hand typography - this book is a sweet one for all ages!

Category: Illustration, Hand Typography

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Untitled_Artwork 7.png


All of these illustrated and hand created products are found in my e-commerce store on Etsy! Each sticker, journal, card, and print is created in my favorite style as well as my favorite color palette. This e-commerce shop allows me to express my personal projects and talk to great people at the same time. The store front also reflects my continuity and cohesiveness in my personal branding across all social platforms.

Category: - Illustration, Hand Typography, Branding

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