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i'm kaity faith

let's skip the small talk and get into the good stuff!

Your friendly oklahomie, explorer, and graphic designer

Born and raised in Oklahoma, there wasn't much to do as a kid except play outside! Growing up around the waving wheat, windy rain, and lazy hawks was something I will always love. Being outside all the time either with friends or playing sports, it really did grow on me and the fact that I could always have a clear head when out and about.

Once I grew up though and went off to college I opted for the path of design. Along with being outside I was always drawing and coming up with stories, a true creative at heart. Along with design I learned that my second true love was illustration and bringing smiles to other people through my textured art. While studying Graphic Design and Marketing a lot of doors really opened up for me. I got to intern at a design agency in Tulsa (Creative Filter), experience what corporate life was like for the first time (Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education)understand what it meant being a designer and illustrator for the best communicators in Stillwater (Communications Department at the Edmon Low Library)and lastly intern for my favorite convenience store in Oklahoma (OnCue) and then work full-time for that same company when I graduated from Oklahoma State University.


With all of these experiences and encounters I am now a full-time graphic designer and illustrator who thrives when creating custom branding and illustrations for my clients. I love what I get to do and that I get to do it at home with my dog! What's better than that! 


I graduated in May '22 with a degree in
Graphic Design and Marketing!

Go pokes!


I also got married that same May to my husband Tyler!


It was a busy month to say the least...


When I'm not designing I am probably hiking or napping with my dogs.


Grand Canyon NP

Colorado Springs, CO

Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 1.43.15 PM.png

We love our collie mixes!

Speaking of...
meet my dogs, Pedro & Marlo.


and lastly, a big part of our life is the Air Force!


Tyler is serving as a pilot!


from then to now...

Graphic Design Intern, Creative Filter
May 2018 - July 2018

Senior Graphic Design Intern,
Edmon Low Library

July 2019 - December 2021

Graphic Design Coordinator
OnCue Marketing LLC.

December 2021 - June 2023

Owner, Kaity Faith LLC
Oct 2015 - Present

Job Searching...

After being recruited to be their first intern from Tulsa Tech, I started working as their summer intern. At Creative Filter I helped in aiding the other designers create supporting designs and worked collaboratively with the whole team. Here is where I got to try out illustration professionaly for the first time.

In the Communications Department at the Edmon Low Library, I oversaw different marketing projects, created graphics and illustrations for their social media channels, and helped the other interns with visual problem solving.

From intern to full-time, as a Graphic Design Coordinator at OnCue, I created physical and digital graphics that was found all across the Stillwater and OKC area at their many gas stations and convenience stores. I used my skill of design and illustration to create eye catching graphics for all travelling and local demographics.

Kaity Faith LLC is my business where I sell hand-made goods and custom branding sets. It started out as a small business where I sold hand-illustrated cards and other illustrations. Since 2020 it has altered and grown and I now offer fully custom branding kits and other services to tailor to my clients needs.

As a new military spouse I am currently looking for a fully remote graphic design job that I can work from home so as we move from base to base for Tyler's job, I can keep mine! I am applying and am hoping to land one soon!

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