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Iron Monk Brewing

Packaging, Undergraduate Junior Year

This design is inspired by a Viking they have on one of their original beers, the Nine, and l loved how it matched their ScandinavianEsq logo. The Stilly Wheat, their staple brew, carries this new re-vamped Viking and hence inspired the rest of the illustrations. Exit 174 shows a female take on the original Viking - since Exit 174 is one of my favorites I wanted to bring that femme fatal feeling to this beer. The Milk Stout shows a bull with gusto to match the burst that the flavor of this beer holds. For sustainability, I took multiple aspects into thought. The glass bottles can be recycled easier than aluminum. The glass bottles are also re-usable; the screw on caps make it possible for you to use them as a container for other liquids after drinking them. The labels created for them are recyclable paper as well as the glue holding them is food-grade corn syrup.

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