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Iron Monk Branding + Packaging

Fall 2021 // Glass, Aluminum, Biodegradable Glue, Recyclable Paper

I chose to merge two of my passions together, sustainability and craft beer, and create design for good!

After re-designing the Iron Monk logo and giving it a more modern look, I carried it over to the labels for the bottles. The overall design is originally inspired by a Viking they have on one of their beers, the Nine, and l loved how it matched their Scandinavian-Esq logo. The Stilly Wheat, their staple brew, carries this re-vamped viking and hence inspired the rest of the illustrations. Exit 174 shows a female take on the original Viking - since Exit 174 is one of my favorites I wanted to bring that femme fatale feeling to this beer, it’s not just for men! The Milk Stout, hence the name, shows a bull with gusto to match the burst that the flavor of this beer holds. Lastly, the Velvet Antler, shows a deer with a wide rack - what other beer would you want to drink when being an American? Overall I like to think this line carries a “Modern Viking” vibe, what do you think?

For Sustainability, I took multiple aspects into though. Aluminum is often hard to recycle in many places as it rarely can get fully clean, so glass bottles came into the mix. The glass bottles can be recycled more than aluminum, as well as if it does become left outside, it can break down and become apart of the environment instead of polluting it and having no use. The glass bottles are also re-usable; the screw on caps make it possible for you use them as container for other liquids after drinking the Heaven that comes out of them, hot or cold! They can also be re-sealable jars and even a vase for wild flowers. The labels created for them are recyclable paper as well as the glue holding them is food-grade corn syrup. All around - these bottles are safe to be recycled after washing them out and alternatively, if left outside to waste, it will break down and will biodegrade back into the environment. Lastly, the carriers for all Iron Monk beers is now cardboard that can be recycled! 

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